International Order of the Rainbow For Girls

This organization is well-known to those who know it and are associated with it. The organization has been organized and teens ate the age of 11 until the age of 20 or when they marry can become members. Just like other organizations they have rules to follow. Many may not know about them but they have the goal to be able to become leaders and thus they must receive training. The girls who are members of the group then must do the part that is given to them.

They can receive help from the ones above them but most of the works and decision were done by them. They are being trained to become leaders by way of community service. This activity is not easy but a leader should be able to do it as it is their training. They have dress codes for events that they are attending and they were trained to memorize presentations or speeches if they will give one. They are also being taught on how to present it.

There are many members and they are proud they are members of it. But for those who do not understand, it is just an organization. They members can come from other organizations that were already set up. They are sister organizations. That is why they also could need a referral before they were to be accepted. There are also interviews to be undergone by future members. The group is widespread in the United States and there are also groups located in the Philippines, Brazil, Germany,  Australia, Canada, and Japan.